Michelle Nofs



The following window and interior displays were a collaboration between the Visual Manager, Visual Coordinator, and the other Visual Interns.

Foliage Window Displays 
Created from varying sized circles and diamonds cut out of cardboard. 
That are then folded, painted and stapled together into cluster formations.

Fall & Winter Stump Village Displays
Created from cardboard tubing that is then layered with ripped pieces of cardboard and dry brushed with acrylic paint. 

Fall Stumps: we added artificial moss and mushrooms made from modeling clay. 
Winter Stumps: wood cut windows, shutters and doors were added; as well as artificial snow and interior lights to make them into miniature homes.

Giant Pinecone Displays
Constructed petal shapes out of a roll of cardboard that we then painted the bottom edges with white acrylic paint and added artificial snow.

Tree Farm Displays
Artificial trees base created from cardboard tubing and branches made from wire wrapped in tape and covered painted with wood stain. We created the pine needles from various shades of green painters paper, twist ties, and zip ties. 

Moose Antlers Displays
Moose head constructed from and covered in sweater fabric. The antlers are made from varying sized worn planks of wood drilled together. Strung across the antlers are crocheted small links of pink and yellow yarn, strands of popcorn, fabric birds, clusters of pine needles (same as the tree farm display), pine cones and felt acorns.

Stump Home Displays
Created from chicken wire and large ripped sheets of cardboard that were crinkled for additional texture. Once the form was fully constructed we wood planks and painted the complete structure with wood stain.

Additional exterior touches were; artificial snow, our fake stumps, fabric squirrel and birds, crocheted strands, wood fence and mushrooms.
Additional interior touches were a functioning small chandelier which allowed customers to see books, a small bed and other home items.

Tree Painting Display
Acrylics on canvas with worn wood shutters attached to either side to appear like a window.